Knitted Premie Cap and Bootie Pattern

Patterns for Knitted Premie Baby Cap and Booties Caps and
blankets are needed more than booties! Also larger sized caps.

Materials: Size 2 and 3 double pointed needles. Baby weight yarn (or sport weight
with larger needles). Please do not knit flat – no seams for premies!

With size 2 ndl, cast on 84 sts (3-4 pound size). Arrange on 3 dpns. Join and mark beginning of round. Work k1, p1 rib for 3″. Change to size 3 ndl and work stock st
for at least 2.”


  1. Decrease Round 1: *K4, k2 tog*; rep from * around.
  2. Decrease Round 2 and all even rounds: Knit.
  3. Decrease Round 3: *K3, k2tog*; rep from * around.
  4. Decrease Round 5: *K2, k2tog*; rep from * around.
  5. Decrease Round 7: *K1, k2tog*; rep from * around.
  6. Decrease Round 9: K2tog around.
  7. Decrease Round 11: K2tog around – aprox 7-8 sts left. Break yarn leaving a long tail. With tapestry needle draw tail through remaining sts. Draw up tightly and fasten off. Weave in ends.


Materials: Size 3 ndl for small (up to 3 pounds), size 4 for large (3-5 pounds).
Baby weight yarn.

  1. Cast on 32 sts loosely. Knit 11 rows in garter st (knit all sts each row).
  2. Row 12: K 14 sts, k2tog, place marker, k2tog, k 14.
  3. Row 13: P 13, p2tog, slip marker, p2tog, p 13.
  4. Continue in stock st decreasing 1 st before and after marker until there are 10 sts each side of marker (20 sts total).
  5. K next 2 rows discarding marker.
  6. Next row: K 1, *YO, k2tog. Repeat from *, end YO, k1 (21 sts total).
  7. Next row: Knit across.
  8. Next row: K 1, *inc in next st, k 2*: repeat from * to end (28 sts total).
  9. Next 3 rows: K1, p1 rib.
  10. Bind off in stock st loosely so bind off stretches with ribbing. Sew bootie together. Do not use drawstrings for premies.

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